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“Physical rehabilitation for your dog”

Candace Emerson MScPT, BKin, CCRT Candidate

Registered Physiotherapist

Physical Rehabilitation For Dogs?

Physical rehabilitation has become an important aide to veterinary medicine following surgery, chronic pain, injury, and neurological impairment.  Physical rehabilitation therapists work with your veterinarian to aid in both prevention and recovery from injury.

Do you and your dog need…

  • An assessment that looks at the entire dog?
  • Treatment plans and home exercise programs designed specifically for your dog?
  • One on one support throughout the treatment of your dogs condition?
  • Conservative treatment prior to or instead of surgery?
  • Post-operative care with detailed post operative protocols?
  • Pain control for your geriatric dog?

 Who I Treat:

Has your dog had orthopaedic surgery? We work with post operative dogs to assist in healing, restore range of motion, increase strength and return to full function.

Do you have a geriatric dog suffering from aches and pains? Our therapist helps to manage pain and increase function in older dogs.

Is your sporting dog suffering from lameness or his performance is just not quite right? We will perform a gait analysis combined with physical tests to determine the cause.

Does your dog suffer from a nerve or spinal cord injury? Our therapists are trained to assess and treat neurological disorders.

Do you have a rambunctious puppy that slips and tumbles about? We offer puppy assessments to ensure your puppy grows up happy and healthy.

Initial Assessment: 1 hour 15 min

A physical therapist will evaluate your dog’s quality of movement, strength, range of motion, coordination, and physical abilities.  Your therapist will use this information combined with research and their clinical reasoning skills to come up with a diagnosis and treatment plan.  All information gained through the initial assessment will be sent to your veterinarian.

Follow up treatments: 30 minutes

Each treatment plan is individual and will be based on your dog’s specific needs.  Treatment techniques include manual therapy (joint and spinal mobilizations, stretching, range of motion), electro modalities (ultrasound, neuromuscular stimulation, laser), and therapeutic exercises.  Throughout the duration of your treatments, your therapist will continually reassess your dog’s progress and modify their treatment based on those findings.

Puppy Assessments: 1 hour

Puppies are hard on their growing bodies.  Our therapists will conduct physical exams to assess if their joints are growing properly and aid in future injury prevention.  Assessments will include a full physical exam focused on joint development, muscle growth, range of motion and movement analysis.  The assessment will also include all necessary treatments and a home exercise program.

Candace Emerson BKin, MSCPT, CCRT Candidate (Canine Rehabilitation)


Candace completed her Bachelors of Kinesiology in 2007 from the University of Calgary.  In 2011 she graduated from the University of Alberta with a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy.  Through the Canadian Physiotherpy Association she has completed postgraduate courses in Canine Rehabilitation.  In Candace’s human physiotherapy practice she has worked with National level athletes, Paralympic athletes, as well as the general public.

Since childhood, Candace has always had a love of dogs.  She owned a Shetland Sheepdog named Cali who opened her up to the world of dog training and agility.  Candace combined her passion for dogs and physical therapy together and began working in an animal rehabilitation clinic in Calgary Alberta from 2007-2009.  She has recently moved to Spruce Grove and cannot be more excited about the opportunity to be treating dogs again.

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