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Meet Dr. Josline Hampson

Finding the Chiropractic Solution

Spruce Grove and  chiropractor Dr. Josline HampsonMy first encounter with chiropractic happened while I was in a nursing program at college. My sister experienced a bad disc injury and suffered from it for a long time. My mom eventually wanted her to try chiropractic. After my sister’s first visit with the chiropractor, it was almost instant relief from her pain. She felt better, and she even looked better!

Changing Paths

I’d been suffering from scoliosis for six or seven years, and my mom suggested I see the chiropractor, too. I was on spring break from school at the time, so I went to the chiropractor. I knew right away that was it for me. I returned to school and told the nursing professor I was going to chiropractor school, and I did! I changed my undergraduate to nutrition to give me a better background in chiropractic, and then continued on to chiropractic college.

Learning to Improve Health

Dr. Josline attended Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto. She was ready to meet the tough demands of her education there. Moving away from home gave Dr. Josline an extra challenge, but she met it head-on by immersing herself in learning techniques and visiting different chiropractic clinics. Being at college amongst like-minded people made Dr. Josline realize that there were many others just like her with a desire to help others.

Working Together For Health

“I love seeing people get better and walking with them on their journey to health.” Dr. Josline’s nutritional background brings a complement to your chiropractic care. Since 2005, she’s been helping patients of all ages achieve their greatest levels of health and happiness. Dr. Josline particularly enjoys adjusting kids and hearing their parents express gratitude over the positive changes that they’ve seen in their children.

Dr. Josline is certified in the Webster Technique to provide care for expectant mothers. She is also certified to care for children through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). Dr. Josline truly cares about each individual who visits us at 360° Wellness, and you’ll feel that warmth from the moment you arrive.

Living a Full Life

Spruce Grove family chiropractor Dr. Josline Hampson and family Dr. Josline and her husband Steve have two young children, a boy and a girl. Their family spends a lot of time enjoying the outdoors together. They live in Spruce Grove and are passionate about caring for our community. 360° Wellness is actively involved with the Spruce Grove Chamber of Commerce.

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