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Chester McNaughton

Spruce Grove Faith Based Counsellor

Specialties with Adults (Age 16+)

Anxiety / Panic Attacks
Abuse / Trauma
Addictions/persistent undesirable patterns
Anger management
Behavioural issues
Coping skills

Compassion Fatigue
Emotion disturbance
Peer relationships
Relationship issues
Self harming
Spiritual (concerns)
Suicidal ideation
Task (avoidance)

Meet Chester McNaughton

I’ve always been fascinated by the ability to somehow overcome adversity. I’ve also been challenged with extended periods in my life where hope and healing seemed a dim possibility at best. In this combination of hope and challenge I find it profoundly rewarding to see others open up from that cocoon of adversity and spread their wings into an intentional, authentic, contented, meaningful life filled with wellbeing.

I have come to see that my truest role is to help others find and live in their authentic real self. The person you were intended to be, both in times when you are greatly challenged and in times when you are greatly blessed. My purpose is to help others live a life that has both an internal unity within them selves and an external secure connection with a relational community. I work with individuals to create a profoundly safe connection where it is safe to examine and share the obstacles and challenges that they are facing.

I am deeply committed to healing for the whole being (body, mind and spirit) and particularly skilled in the interface between emotional health and spiritual growth. I am a Registered Professional Counsellor, and I have a Bachelors Degree in Religious studies from Burman University. Along the way I’ve acquired extensive practical experience through continuing education and 5+ years of private practice counselling. I provide personal counselling and teach courses and seminars on emotional healing and spiritual growth. I look forward to be a part of your journey to a full authentic life.

Chester McNaughton | Spruce Grove Registered Professional Counsellor
360° Wellness | (780) 962-4646