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Meet Dr. Marty Spiller


I learned the power of chiropractic well before being one!

As I was studying at the University of Manitoba to obtain my Bachelor of Science Degree, I decided to pursue a career in Chiropractic after seeing how the profession helped my grandfather. He had a shoulder problem and had used the Medical approach for assistance. After numerous medical doctor visits and invasive tests, they could not help him or figure out what was causing his pain. He finally decided to see a Chiropractor after being very frustrated! The Chiropractor corrected his shoulder problem and his pain was completely gone! That amazed me!

I Rarely Became Sick!

Once I started to receive care, I rarely became sick! I was very ill at 20 years of age from a severe form of Mononucleosis. Since then, I would seem to catch every cold or virus that was going around. As I have been
adjusted over time, my immune system is stronger than it has ever been before! I honestly feel it still gets better every year.

I Observed My Family’s Chiropractor

Before entering into Chiropractic College, I decided to observe my family’s Chiropractor treat his patients to learn more about what Chiropractic practice is like. I could not believe how powerful the care was listening to all of his patient’s success stories. My entire family started to see him since he helped my Grandfather. I remember one particular case where a women had a drooping eyelid. He adjusted her neck and the eyelid opened up immediately after. He wanted me to see that and it blew me away! A pinched nerve from the spine can shut down any area of your body. That is how serious spinal misalignments are as they can disturb organ function as well. I learned the power of chiropractic well before being one!

Chiropractic Education

360well-2I graduated from Northwestern College of Chiropractic in 1997 in Bloomington, Minnesota. I feel I received a very well-rounded education as my professors were a mixture of Chiropractors, Medical doctors, Pharmacists Etc. It was a very intense four year program! Often, the public is not aware about how much education Chiropractors receive.

So, here I am today! I have been practicing for 17 years. I moved to Alberta to practice in 2006. All of my prior years as a Chiropractor were spent in my home city, Winnipeg.

Chiropractic Care for the Whole Family!

I have gained a lot of clinical experience over the years as I have worked in multiple clinical settings. I was the Chiropractor for the Winnipeg Goldeyes Professional Baseball team for 2 years. I have worked on numerous athletes over the years, however, my practice is mainly a family practice. We see infants all the way to seniors in their 80’s.

At Home

I have 3 beautiful children and have adjusted them since birth. My middle son had bowel issues in the past which was helped greatly from Chiropractic. Honestly, I feel the most proud to be a Chiropractor when adjusting infants. This is because we can keep them healthy from the very beginning before any damage can build up in their spine.

To discover if Chiropractic can help you or your entire family, please give our Spruce Grove clinic a call!


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