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Gua Sha in Spruce Grove

Gua Sha

Gua, meaning to scrape; and sha, meaning the redness that appears after, is a modality in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that is used in conjunction with an acupuncture treatment. From a TCM perspective, Gua sha helps to disperse stagnation along the meridians and release heat and wind from the channels. The saying goes, “wherever there is pain, there is stagnation”. By this we mean a stagnation of Qi- your body’s energy- and Blood.

Through Gua sha, we are able to return the free flow of Qi and blood back to the meridian. In cases of wind-cold or wind-heat invasion; more commonly known as the common cold, we are able to use Gua sha to ‘release the exterior’, and push out the invading pathogen.

From a Western view point, Gua sha helps to break up the fascia of the surrounding muscle and release the lactic acid that’s trapped there, helping to release the muscle. It’s all about blood flow. Gua sha helps get rid of stagnant blood and helps fresh new oxygenated cells reach the area being worked on. From this viewpoint, Gua sha also carries with it a detoxifying quality.

Color of the Sha:

What do different colors of sha mean?

  • Dark or purple sha usually indicates long term blood stasis;
  • Deep red sha usually indicates signs of heat; and
  • Very light red sha can indicate a blood deficiency.

What else is Gua sha good for?

Gua sha can help treat: muscle aches and pains; headaches/migraines; common cold; asthma; insomnia; digestive disorders; skin disorders; fevers; and colicky babies too.

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