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Holistic Nutrition in Spruce Grove

Holistic Nutrition specialist in Spruce Grove helps create meal plan Good nutrition is the backbone of health and wellness. Our body is made up of what we eat, so it is important to have a nutrient rich diet. Often times people don’t realize how they feel has a direct correlation with their current diet. In addition to helping clients reach their weight and health goals, a proper diet can actually help minimize joint and muscle pain, decrease depression, and help balance nutritional deficiencies within the body.

Benefits Of Holistic Nutrition

As a holistic nutritional consultant, Hilary Petersen, CHNC, understands that not one set diet will work for each individual. Holistic nutrition recognizes biochemical uniqueness, so each plan is custom tailored to each client based on their health, wellness, and weight goals. Holistic nutrition is not about calories in vs. calories out; whole foods recommendations will be made. My clients are always surprised at how much they will actually be eating!

Working Together With Other 360° Wellness Practitioners

When beginning a new weight or health journey people may feel like they need additional support – that is why it is so wonderful to have a psychologist in house at 360° Wellness to help the client work through beginning a new health journey in life. Massage therapy is beneficial to nutrition as well as it can help get the lymph flowing within the body improving the immune system and our circulation; and hey, who doesn’t enjoy a good massage!

Simply Health

Holistic nutrition services at 360° Wellness is a whole customized plan revolving around the fuel you give your body. We offer:

  • Nutritional counseling
  • Meal plans
  • Whole foods recommendations
  • Supplementation advice
  • Correcting imbalances within the body
  • Education on how to properly eat for each individual person
  • Family plans
  • Young athlete nutrition
  • Lifestyle recommendations

Learning More About Holistic Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition in Spruce GroveHilary offers seminars and “Lunch & Learns” that focused on common questions, support, and tips that bring our clients to us. Some specific seminar topics include:

  • Food prep and batch work tips
  • How to navigate a restaurant menu
  • Sports supplementation
  • Grocery shopping tips (navigate your supermarket)
  • Balanced snacks/meals
  • Easy to prepare healthy snacks & meals

Recommended Reading:

  • The Body Book, by Cameron Diaz – a fun and informative read on how your body functions as well as the importance of a healthy lifestyle
  • Anatomy of the Spirit, by Caroline Myss
  • The Eat Clean Diet, by Tosca Reno

Get To Know Hilary Petersen, CHNC

Spruce Grove Holistic Nutritionist, Hilary Petersen“One of my main passions is cooking; a lot of my personal time is spent in the kitchen developing healthy/new recipes or baking (my husband has a sweet tooth!). Additional time away from work is spent with my husband and two dogs (Mowgli and Minnie Mouse) and working out at the gym. My husband and I both love to travel so we book as many trips as possible (especially to California and Hawaii) – we even had a fairy tale wedding in Disneyland with family and friends!

My husband and I both follow a whole foods diet receiving the majority of nutrients from foods as opposed to supplements. We are both very active and lift weights. In addition to whole foods, I supplement my diet with a high potency fish oil, a calcium/magnnesium blend, and monthly probiotic cycles. As my husband works in the trades and is exposed to more toxins he supplements his diet with a high quality multi-vitamin, antioxidants, and fish oil to help keep himself more protected from the toxins he is exposed to. Meal prep and batch prep has saved us tons of time and has made healthy eating a cinch – they especially help my husband when he is working away from home in camp situations or in hotels to ensure he is receiving enough healthy nutrients in less than optimal circumstances.”

Learn how to give your body nutrients it craves. Call us at (780) 962-4646 today to schedule a consultation with Hilary.


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