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Therapeutic Release

I went for a lymphatic drainage massage for the first time not expecting much as my skepticism was admittedly in full swing. Regardless keeping an open mind, I was pleasantly surprised by the skill that Murray possesses not to mention his professionalism. The most prevalent outcome was when he performed a visceral manipulation on my bladder. Immediately after the right ligament shifted on the bladder, my body felt strong and straight like a plywood board! After the session, my body was rigid and would not allow me to slouch in the previous unhealthy habitual positions, this has continued to be the case after each following visit. I would highly recommend Murray for his outstanding capabilities and undeniable talent, he is truly an expert in his field.

-Sandy, Sturgeon County, AB

I understand why people call him “magic”!

I had an eye opening and extremely positive experience a couple weeks ago. My neck and shoulders are always quite tight but the previous few days they had been so tense I couldn’t even turn my head from side to side. I went to 360 Wellness in Spruce Grove for a deep tissue massage, prepared to be worked over by the RMT, who would undoubtedly dig so deep and push so hard that I would leave with bruising and need a few days of recovery. Little did I know, I’d meet Murray Gadica (RMT), or “Magic Murray” as some people call more»

Murray showed me that there are alternative methods of getting down to those tight muscles that are not only extremely effective, but also pain free! He combines Manual Lymphatic Drainage (which I can only describe as a ‘melting’ feeling) with his massage to loosen up anything that is tense. He also throws in several other techniques (CranioSacral Therapy, TMJ Treatment and Visceral Manipulation Therapy) where he sees fit to deliver a calming, holistic treatment. Murray is willing to teach you how to reap the greatest benefits from your time with him and he truly has your best interests in mind. He even told me I could bring in my husband and he would show him how to do lymphatic drainage on me!
I have referred my family and colleagues to Murray and I’m looking forward to many more therapeutic sessions with him. He’s definitely more than just a massage therapist…I understand why people call him “magic”!

-Charity E.

Stroke Relief

I have recently had the pleasure of meeting Murray. I initially woke up with a crick in my neck. It was very painful and Murray was able to accommodate me that day – with some effort on his part as well to ensure no other clients were inconvenienced. I had recently suffered a Right side MCA stroke and had several deficiencies from the stroke. Murray was able to fix my neck and work on my brain as well. I have returned for 2 more treatments and my deficiencies have lessened considerably. Such as my ability to type with my left hand, which I had struggled with for the previous month with little improvement. Before my latest visit, I had begun to have TMJ pain and Murray was able to lessen the pain and I was able to regain my ability to chew food.I found Murray to be a kind and courteous person who treats his clients with respect and support. He is a wealth of information about healthy choices and lifestyle options.



Murray helped me have a pain free release after carrying the physical and emotional pains of an assault over 40 years ago. Until he helped me I thought I had done everything I could.

-Name Withheld

Benefits for Seniors

When I met Murray I had been using a walker for several months on account of my hip pain. Three weeks later, I was walking without a walker and shortly thereafter could cross my legs without help from my hands. I could also get out of cars without help and now can put on my winter boots comfortably. I can now cook pain free at the counter fifteen minutes instead of five and I stand to peel my potatoes. More recently I just came back from a wonderful get away with my daughter and son-in-law. I now have gained enough strength and confidence to get in and out of the bathtub without assistance. It wasn’t easy, it required real work on my part. Murray gave me exercises and home maintenance to do between his visits.This has all made a big difference in my life.

-Dorothy, Stony Plain, AB

Bladder Incontinence

I run an orphanage for 50 children. When I went to the market I had to careful to plan my activities around my bladder incontinence. Since Murray worked on my bladder almost two months ago, my frequent visits to the bathroom have lessened to over half of what they were!

– Dianne, Missionary, Malawi, Africa

Disk Degeneration

For three years I had back pain so bad I could hardly straighten up enough to walk. Every step I took was pain. I went to everything from acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy, traction, and medical doctors with no relief. Over a ½ dozen doctors saw me. I had an MRI and was told I had disk degeneration in my lower back and there was nothing that could be done for me except to have cortisone shots. I was scheduled for cortisone shots when I saw Murray Gadica. After three treatments I haven’t had a back ache.

– Bill, Business Owner, St. Albert, AB

Cancer History

I have breast cancer concerns because my mom had breast cancer. Before I came to see Murray, the areas under my arms and my breasts were swollen. Underarm deodorant would cause a sore rash with red dots. I would wear a tank top to avoid skin contact with clothing. My breasts hurt all the time, especially along the sides. My Doctor said breast pain was normal….
After seeing Murray the first time, my breasts didn’t hurt at all. They felt soft and there was no more pain. Several weeks later I still felt soft and pain free.On my second visit Murray drained my armpits again and my pain levels there are now non-existent.

– Patty, Spruce Grove, AB


I cleaned my house for the first time in six months after Murray’s treatment!

– Name Withheld

Heart Medication

I am a caregiver and have much physical demands made on my body as well as emotional stress. Both my back and my shoulder were giving me so much pain that I was contemplating leaving my profession. My depression too was interfering with happiness in my life. I came to Mr. Murray Gadica for massage. Being a massage therapist myself [One of the first in Edmonton.] I am extremely impressed with his work. I came off the table being able to move my left arm above my chest which had not happened for years. The light massage on my head and face dissolved my depression. I truly felt as if I were floating off the table——light as air.

Today was my 4th massage. I was in tears I was in so much pain, and again to my amazement I am feeling wonderful. I am on heart medication and suffer from chest pains all the time——- these are also gone, so what pharmaceuticals could not do Mr. Gadica’s skill of massage accomplished. It would be awesome if we could just substitute pharmaceuticals for massage. We would all be so much better off. I recommend his work to anyone depressed or in any kind of pain. [Please do not alter your medications without direction of your Medical Doctor, it could be deadly.-Murray]

–Monika, Spruce Grove, AB

Hiatus Hernia, Lymphatic Drainage, and Vertigo

I am a 64 year old female rancher. I suffered from my esophagus being stressed where it passes through my diaphragm causing acid reflux or Hiatus Hernia for more than a year. I also suffered from a very nervous feeling in my stomach causing problems while eating sometimes to the point where I could not eat at all. By Mr. Gadica’s treatment of deep stretches to relax the muscles the esophagus goes back in place and I get relief up to six months at a time.For my nervous stomach Mr. Gadica uses gentle techniques on the organs by rocking and stretching them causing them to relax.

I have Lymphatic drainage therapy done and it causes reduction of inflammation and that reduces pain in many points of my body.
Last year I fell off a tractor and could not walk well and had to go down stairs backwards because of vertigo. After one treatment with Murray my vertigo was 90% improved and I could walk normally being able to take stairs after treatment two at a time.
I drive 12 hours to receive these treatments. It has made an 80% improvement in my health.

–Sharill, Burns Lake, BC


I saw a chiropractor 18 months for my sore hip with no lasting relief. One treatment from Murray made my hip pain free.

– Gary, Retired Telephone Repair Man

Menstrual Disorders

For many years I have been subject to very heavy menstrual cycles, which disabled me from having an active daily life for a few days each month. Since Murray has treated me with visceral therapy, using gentle, topical, non-invasive “rocking”, my symptoms are greatly reduced, enabling me to enjoy a “normal active” week. Thank you Murray!

-Karen, Travel Agent


Due to surgery I have had which has damaged my lymphatic system, I often experience a feeling similar to having a sock with a ball in it hanging under my arm. This is not only uncomfortable but sometimes painful. I have been seeing Murray for lymphatic drainage. When I leave the treatment I feel so much better, the swelling under my arm is minimal and it stays that way for some time. Murray also odes deep massage which enables me to turn my neck to the normal range with no pain or stiffness.

–Stony Plain, AB

No Knee Surgery After Lymphatic Drainage

Four months ago I was ready to call my doctor and book my appointment for my knee surgery. I had pain in my knee and would not think about walking a few blocks, never mind 4K’s…..
Then I saw Murray at the trade show in Spruce Grove.

I decided to book a massage and from that date I was introduced to Lymphatic Drainage. My leg was stiff and inflamed, especially around the knee. To my amazement, at the end of the massage, with the gentlest touch I ever experienced, I could feel fluid flow and the discomfort diminish in my leg and knee. TO THIS DAY, I CAN STRAIGHTEN MY KNEE, I HAVE NO PAIN. I AM OUT WALKING AND GO TO AQUASIZE TWICE A WEEK. I HAVE NEVER HAD SO MUCH ENERGY…I FEEL GREAT!!!

In the last 3 weeks I have also lost 6 pounds with the help of the Usana Reset program and some Usana vitamins.

–Colleen, Office Worker, Spruce Grove, AB

Obstetrical Issues

My tubal pregnancy was not pleasant. My fallopian tubes were scarred, my groin ached and I did not have a menstrual flow in a year. The evening after Murray did Visceral Manipulation for me, I had my first flow in a year.

–Name Withheld


Since I was 5, I had 7 operations on my abdomen. After Murray did Visceral Manipulation on it, my pain level there went from an 8 to a 3. It was the most relaxed my abdomen felt in 30 years, and the treatment has held 6 months already!

-Robert, Spruce Grove, AB

Spina Bifida

Murray taught me techniques that I do between his sessions on my 7 year old daughter. Together we have all but eliminated her hurting and tingling back pains caused by lipomeningocele spina bifida. The specialist has now postponed a dangerous operation because of her stable condition.

– Rena, Edmonton, AB


I felt electrified for 10 days after my TMJ treatment… I could chew too!

-Bobbie, Registered Dental Assistant

My TMJ specialist said that I would never eat steak again. After Murray worked on me I am eating steak and jerky too!

–Jeff, Stony Plain, AB


I was experiencing vertigo for over a month. I went to several doctors but they provided no relief. My dizzy spells made it impossible to work. I was off for at least six weeks. It was frustrating and I thought there was no hope for me to feel “normal” again.

My mother’s co-worker recommended I see Murray. I went for a three-hour session and the next day I felt great. The vertigo disappeared. I wasn’t nauseous, dizzy or off-balanced any more.
Murray also worked on my shoulders, which were always tight. This he did by working on my liver, which released the tightness. However bizarre this sounds, the bottom of my feet were no longer rough and calloused. They started to clear up three weeks after the session.

Since seeing Murray, I have not experienced cramping during my menstrual cycle. The pain has been reduced by 75%. I have also noticed my mood swings have disappeared.
Murray also helped “heal my heart”. I was experiencing great sadness and had the feeling of always wanting to cry whenever I thought of a particularly bad experience in the past. The heaviness in my heart is now completely gone.

–Jenny, Edmonton, AB


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