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New Patient Reviews:

Exceeded My Expectations

I learned so much from Dr Josline on my first visit. Her assessment and accuracy of treatment exceeded my expectations. Thank you, and I look forward to working with you in my healing journey.

-Shonna W.

Children Are Welcome

As a single parent, I was really appreciative that I was encouraged to bring my child with me instead of struggling to find childcare. I was told my care was important, and children are welcome to sit with me.

-Sylvia V.

Well Explained and Comfortable

All aspects of the procedures were explained well and I felt comfortable before/during the various stages. Thanks.

-Ted H.


Dr. Chris was absolutely fantastic. He explained things and went above and beyond my expectations. I am very pleased with my experience.

-Shaylene T.

Very Knowledgeable

My massage Therapist was very knowledgeable and was able to explain what was going on with my body and with a post injury recovery. I feel a lot better and I will consider coming back soon.

-Patrick J.

Friendly Helpful Staff

All staff were very friendly and super helpful, upon entering the front door my son and I were welcomed with smiles and warm greetings, my appointment was great, answered a lot of my questions, took time to explain the process and overall a wonderful experience, I will be recommending friends and family to 360 Wellness.

-Louise C.

Very Worthwhile

Booked a second appointment [with Dean] so that means I really thought it was worthwhile.

-Catherine R.

Will be Recommending

I was so grateful that you answered my emails and that you were so kind. I will be recommending this facility to all my patients. It is a great total health concept and I want to be a part of it.

-Brenda B.

So Helpful

Dean was a delight and ever so helpful, not only by his massage techniques but in helping me understand why I hurt where I did, but how to help prevent it in the future!

-Jenn M.

A True Understanding

A true understanding and explanation for the area of pain. Explanation of how this happens. Providing some helpful tips to assist in a regular routine to help avoid the severity of the pain. Explaining how the muscles work, where they start and progress to the extent of my situation. Tips on the use of ice versus heat and how to massage muscles the correct way. Extremely helpful and would have no qualms about recommending your company to assist others. Extremely impressed. Even with the stress and demands of work/life balance will most certainly be making the time for more visits!

-Wendy K.

Awesome Massage Amazing Doctor

Love the people that helped me referring other family members and friends, Josline was amazing and Dean awesome with my massage.

-Chris A.

Well Informed

I found my chiropractor very competent and professional. I was really well informed about what was wrong and how she was going to get me better.

-Marianne D.

Very Comfortable And Welcoming

Very comfortable, and welcoming. Looking forward to the next appointment.

-Megan M.

Friendly Staff

Overall the staff I dealt with was very friendly, informative and helpful.

-Laura B.

Appreciate Technology

I appreciate the technology the doctor has access to. Helps me understand my body more. And am excited to not only feel my improvement but visually see the changes with the scans.

-Nicole S.

Experience Was Great

Had a massage, my overall experience was great, left feeling very satisfied and with more knowledge on how I can help myself feel better.

-Leah Ann L.

Good Choice And A Good Fit For Me

I felt that my appointment was not rushed I was not just a number. My questions were answered and I feel 360 Wellness is a good choice and a good fit for me.

-Dail Ann O.

Very Knowledgeable

What a pleasant visit! The staff is very knowledgeable, understanding and professional.

-Robyn G.

Friendly And Helpful Staff

The staff were friendly and helpful. I wasn’t just rushed through the appointment, all my questions and concerns were answered fully. I look forward to my next appointment. Thanks!

-Nancy K.

Numerous Services Available

I love the idea that you can access numerous services under one umbrella.

-Donna F.

Warm And Caring

Candace was AWESOME! She was very warm and caring. She listened to my concerns, and for once I left a massage feeling it helped my back pain. Going back for sure.

-Monique A.

Helpful And Knowledgeable Staff

The staff where very helpfully and knowledgeable with all my questions, I felt comfortable with Dr. Josline as a first time with her she took the time to explain the game plan to improve my health issues. I left there knowing that this was the right place. I have recommend 360 Wellness to my family and friends. Thank you 360 Wellness to a better body.

-Darrel M.

Positive Energy

Thank You for your time. There was an abundance of positive energy emanating from Dr. Josline and the staff. The patient room felt very inviting and free of negativity. Welcome to 360 Wellness, and congratulations for opening in our community of Spruce Grove.

-Sandra M.


This was my first time going for massage therapy. I wasn’t even aware I was going as it was a surprise anniversary gift. The staff were friendly and accommodating, my massage therapist listened to all my concerns and gave me helpful advice for some of the other issues I had with my wrists. I would highly recommend.

-James H.

Positive Experience

Thank you for the positive experience.

-Catherine J.


Dr. Josline is just amazing, I haven’t had relief in 5 years and after one appointment I showed improvement. All the staff are just wonderful people! Thank you!

-Lorelei S.

Friendly Service

Very professional, friendly service with a smile.

-Mary Anne B.