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Problem Skin

Did you know that Acupuncture can help with problem skin? It’s not just about esthetics, having problem skin can be a real detriment to a person’s self-esteem and mood. There is something else though, that problem skin is actually an indicator of a deeper rooted problem, which just so happens to manifest as red bumps on your face. So what can your Acupuncturist do for you?

skinWith an initial appointment, your Acupuncturist will go over your history and ask questions about: lifestyle, sleeping habits, diet, stress, emotional wellbeing, etc. In my practice and studies, I’ve found that most problem skin stems from an imbalance in the digestive system. This is usually caused by a faulty diet; one high in bad fats and more than likely, high in refined sugar which typically leads to inflammation within the body. Constipation is another causative factor. When the body is not properly eliminating waste and toxins through the bowels, your skin-being the largest organ- will get rid of those toxins for you. The good news to take away here, is that your body is still working well by doing this, imagine if your skin wasn’t eliminating toxins as a second line of defense and they were just building up inside you. Through changes in the diet and with Acupuncture treatments and herbal remedies, these imbalances can easily be corrected.

What else can cause problem skin? We talked about mood and self-esteem being affected before, but which came first? Depression and problem skin could be linked. In Chinese Medicine, the Liver controls the smooth flow of Qi in the body. When this Qi becomes stagnant, one’s mood can be affected negatively. If left unchecked over time, that emotional toxicity can pollute other areas of the body as well, including your skin. In Western Medicine, the Liver is one of the main organs for eliminating toxins. Our blood is filtered through the liver to be cleaned out so that healthy blood may return to all aspects of our body. An unhealthy Liver in Chinese Medicine can also negatively impact our digestive system as well. Acupuncture can help both with your mood and your problem skin, that way you can look good and feel good too.

The Lungs should also be mentioned when we talk about problem skin. In Chinese Medicine, the Lungs are in charge of the skin, making sure the pores are open and that your skin remains healthy. Our skin is the first line of defense against infections. I mentioned in an earlier blog post about how the Lungs contain Wei Qi, our body’s defensive Qi. The Large Intestine is paired with the Lung in Chinese Medicine, again reiterating the importance of having healthy bowels, and why complications like constipation can impact the health of our skin, and our general health as well.

Last, but certainly not least, problem skin can be a premenstrual symptom. Some women tend to break out around the time of their period. Again, this is related to Liver, in particular, Liver Blood in Chinese Medicine. In Chinese Medicine, Liver is also responsible for storing the blood, however, if the Liver is imbalanced, the blood being stored can be affected by heat (inflammation) and toxins. A combination of Acupuncture and herbal remedies can correct these imbalances, giving you healthy looking skin and a smoother period as well.

Book with your local Acupuncturist by making an appointment at 360°Wellness today! Initial assessments run for 90 mins. at $125, and follow-up visits run at 60 mins. for $90. There is also the option of getting a Qi Beauty Facial with take-home kit for $295.

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