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Qi Beauty Facial

Qi Beauty

qibeautySkin regenerates every 55-60 days on average, in a process that’s called desquamation. Desquamation is the shedding of epithelial elements, chiefly of the skin, in scales or sheets. When skin cells die and are replaced by new cells, they are replaced by a cell that is the memory of its former cell. Older cells behave differently than the former. They tend to move more slowly and they are less capable of repair. Un-repaired damage to skin accumulates and this retards the ability to recover and regenerate.

Qi Beauty works by using Static Magnetic Field Therapy (SMFT) to stimulate our cells. Stimulating skin cells throughout their life cycle may encourage greater activity and a more energetic performance of skin cells so that every 50-60 days, cells may be replaced in the memory of more energetic cells. Static Magnetic Stimulation can activate the cells to make them move faster, more energetically, and behave more like younger cells. Through research conducted on the use of SMFT, regular stimulation made sure the memory of the cells when replaced by desquamation process, was that of a faster moving, healthier cell.

So what is a Qi Beauty Treatment?

A Qi Beauty Facial is the use of a thousand tiny gold plated magnets that a practitioner uses to create a personalized Matrix (dependent on the skin care needs of the individual), to create static magnetic fields around the face to promote cellular activity deep within the dermis to draw fluid and nutrients to the surface, which in turn fills in fine lines and wrinkles. The great benefits of this treatment is that it is non-invasive and the results are immediate.

Qi-beauty-before after

To further promote the healthy appearance of the skin

A Home Kit is supplied with a three month supply of magnets that are attached to medical tape, for use outside of the clinic. These Kits come with a face map, to show you where to place the magnets to create the basic facial matrix. Your practitioner may add extra points to this map, depending on your goals and skin care needs. The use of the Home-Kit is easy. Wash your face like you normally would before bed and allow the skin to dry. Apply the magnets to the points outlined by the face map, and then apply overtop your favorite moisturizer. Go to sleep and take off the magnets in the morning. The reasoning for utilizing the treatment at night, is because the use of the Static Magnetic Field stimulates the Pineal Gland, which is a small endocrine gland that aids in the functioning of the Pituitary gland that is in charge of secreting hormones that facilitate: growth, blood pressure, certain function of the sex organs, thyroid gland and metabolism. The Pineal Gland is most active at night when the Earth’s magnetic field is also at its strongest.

Qi Beauty is unique in the fact that each treatment, akin to Acupuncture, compounds on the last. Once Qi is established after the first treatment, your skin cells have already been activated, so that the next treatment you receive further stimulates cellular repair and regrowth.

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