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Reiki Demystified

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient form of hands on healing that resurfaced in Japan. This beautiful and effective healing modality is based on the techniques that were re-discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui in 1922, although it has been practiced by many cultures throughout the world since the dawn of recorded history. These “sacred techniques” are actually firmly based in science, and are backed by thorough PHD peer reviewed clinical studies. So many people ask me…. “What does reiki mean”? Well, the word Reiki is actually two Japanese words brought together in unison to convey this amazing and intelligent healing energy! The first word is Rei, which means Universal. The second is Ki, which means Life Force. So when you bring both words together you are left with Universal Life Force. So now I’m usually posed with the challenge of answering the next question, which the answer can be understandably difficult for many conventional minds to empathise with. This is completely accepted and understood because many in our modern world believe only what they can see, and what is tangible to the physicality of the material levels of existence. Theanswer to this question just may defy your current belief system, but I wholeheartedly challenge you to open your mind to this new reality that is actually grounded in nature, and commonly found in basic scientific principles! So here is the question…. “What in the world is Universal Life force, and how does that apply to me regarding the health of my body”? Good question! And this is your lucky day because I have the answer.

Questions Answered!

So let me start off by laying out the foundation of this concept. We as humans upon this amazing planet, are much more than just mere physical beings! We are actually multi-layered structures composed of physical and energetic aspects that make up the complete totality of our true anatomy. Ok so now you’re probably thinking, “That is crazy talk Kyle”!….“How can we be both physical and energetic beings, when all I can perceive is my physical body”! Ok!! good point, but luckily science has answered this one for me.

#1 – The Visible Light Spectrum

First and foremost lets take a look at some common devices that we use daily that will help us get a grasp on this invisible part of our nature.

We can think of our physical bodies in the same way as these devices, which are commonly used daily by billions of people. When we speak with a cell phone or use a remote control there are no physical aspects connecting it to its direct functions. You can seamlessly speak to your best friend that may be in a different country, or change channels on your television without getting off the couch! Or how about that infamous radio that somehow plays music….but wait! There is no band playing in your living room is there? Obviously that is not the case! All these devices solely rely on invisible aspects to function in a correct and decisive manner.

Take a closer look at the small spectrum of visible light, versus the multitude of invisible waves and energies that cannot be perceived by the physical human eyes. So now we can begin to understand that there certainly is an invisible world at work that surrounds us, and interpenetrates our very beings on a regular basis. These energies never cease to function whether or not we choose to recognize their validity or affects on the visible, physical world.

#2 – Everything Is Energy At Different Rates Of Vibration!

Scientific studies in the field of Quantum Physics, and especially the experiments conducted at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, that utilizes the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) in Geneva, Switzerland, still to this present day continues to demonstrate the amazing factual evidence backing up Einstein’s statement that everything is energy! Once we break matter down to its core essence, pure energy is behind everything. When we go down to the sub-atomic level we no longer find physical matter. Once again, all we are left with is energy. So my point is this. If you are pure energy, then it is not a giant stretch of the imagination to accept the fact that we also rely on external energies that flow in and out of our being to maintain proper equilibrium and optimal health! Our physical body has the ability to heal on its own when given the proper fuel to function adequately. This is where the holistic approach begins to creep in! We need healthy food, pure water, regular exercise, and you guessed it….PROPER ENERGETIC FLOW!

#3 – The Complete Human Anatomy

We as humans are highly complexed, multilayered, multi dimensional beings that are not only constituted by physical matter. We also have many energetic elements to our anatomy that make up the totality of our true nature! I like to relate the human organism to a set of russian dolls. The innermost doll would be the physical body, which is the commonly accepted limit of our human existence. The outer dolls would be our energy bodies which constantly surround us in our day to day lives. These energy bodies serve many functions and need to be regularly maintained just like our physical being. Everyday many of us seem to be confronted with stressful situations, unhealthy food and water, as well as negative thought patterns which serve to damage our energy bodies and accumulate as “dark masses”, which eventually manifest as body pain, chronic illness and disease in our physical structure.

We also very much rely on the inward and outward flow of energy throughout the physical body. This energy keeps us vitalized and healthy and is essential to our wellbeing. This vital life force energy enters the body through vortexes commonly known as chakras.

This is a sanskrit word that literally means wheel or disk, for it is the motion of these vortices that draw in the vital energies that exist all around us. There are 7 major chakras in the human being spanning from the top of our head to the base of our spine. The 7 major chakras are intimately tied to our endocrine system, therefore it controls the way our bodies function. The endocrine system produces hormones that are received by all parts of the body to maintain tissues and organs. Here are a few of the areas governed by the endocrine system:

  • Reproduction
  • Responses to stress and injury
  • Growth and sexual development
  • Body energy levels
  • Internal balance of body systems
  • Bone and muscle strength

7 Major Chakras

When the 7 major chakras are in balance and good health, the endocrine system is able to produce, store and release hormones in a efficient manner creating equilibrium in the physical body. The chakras not only govern the endocrine system, but they are also associated with organs and emotions as well. Through day to day life these chakras can become unbalanced and or closed, intern causing us to become physically, mentally and emotionally unhealthy. This results in body pain, disease and or mental / emotional unbalance. I like to think of the physical body as a house. In this house the plumbing system would represent the flow of vital energy. With proper and unrestricted flow of the plumbing system, the house is in good order and can function properly. Conversely if the flow of the plumbing becomes restricted it can create a mess which manifests as a unhealthy and deficient way of life.


The balance of our entire anatomy (physically and energetically) is essential to the total well being and maximum health that we should all experience in our daily life! Reiki is a tried and true way of balancing the entire system, fully opening the 7 major chakras, and creating deep healing on the physical, mental and emotional levels of our being.

How Does Reiki Work?

We have finally arrived at the final question! Now that you have a brief understanding of our true nature as both physical and energetic beings, you are now asking “So what is this Reiki, and how does it heal and create harmony on all these levels“? Well here is my answer!

Like I stated before the word Reiki actually means Universal Life Force. This energy flows through every living being on the planet. It is a part of daily life for all, and an integral part of nature as it serves to heal the life forms that it flows through. Now let me ask you a question! “What was your natural response when you last banged your knee“? I bet I can answer that one for you! After a few choice words following the knee banging of a lifetime, you naturally placed your hands over the injured area in question. “What did you do when your shoulder began to have aches and pains“? You put your hands on the aching shoulder! “Well what did you do when your head was pounding“? You guessed it!! You put your hands on your head!! Now….there seems to be a common theme in all these examples.

The natural response to pain in the human body is to place the hands on or over the affected area. This is no coincidence! This is NATURE! Today when many seek healing and health they are given a pill. The pill is a modern delivery system for the healing to reach its destination. For “Reiki” or the “Universal Life Force energies” the delivery system is the hands. That is why it is built into our most primal instincts to place our hands over a injured region. Havent you noticed that when you place your hands on that sore knee, somehow it eventually feels……better? Once again there is no coincidence! It is nature performing as intended, as we were designed!

Reiki flows from the invisible worlds that we cannot perceive with our physical senses. It flows into us through the top of our heads, down our arms and out our hands. From the hands it is effectively delivered to the area in question. Thats how simple it is. We dont need to comprehend any huge mathematical formulas or have the knowledge of a surgeon to heal the body with Reiki. Reiki is a intelligent energy that efficiently causes healing to take place on the physical, mental and emotional planes of our existence.

Reiki Master Practitioner

The difference between a regular person and a Reiki Practitioner is the amount of Universal Life Force energy that flows through their body. There are three attunements a practitioner will receive to the Reiki energy. With each attunement the recipient gains a increased flow of this amazingly beautiful energy through their being. When the practitioner has received their final attunement (Master Level) they have a very intense flow of Reiki that causes very deep and profound healing to whomever it is directed to. The attunements are the essence of the Reiki Training, for it is the attunements that create a direct and widened pathway for the Reiki energy to flow. It is truly a blessing, and a deep honor to experience Reiki like a pure and strong river that steadily flows without end through my being!

Experience Reiki Today

And so we have reached the end of this attempted explanation of such a untouched and amazing healing modality. If you have never tried it……TRY IT. If it is to out of the norm…LIVE WITHOUT BOUNDARIES! There is a reason why Reiki has been accepted by mainstream medicine, and now plays a role in many hospitals around North America and the world as a whole!Remember this statement…… What is considered normal these days anyway? Being normal is to follow the herd. To never ask questions. To never examine closely the multitudes of possibilities that constitute our existence as human beings. Why paint with one color when there is a range of shades or hues to choose from. The box of normality is soooo small and that is why these days the range of thought variation is so restricted. So do yourself a favor and instead of even stepping out of the box, choose to live without boundaries! We are truly infinite beings living in finite bodies, for as science plainly lays out “Energy can be neither created nor be destroyed, but it transforms from one form to another“.

I will now leave you with this final statement. It is our absolute birthright as beings on this amazing planet to experience pure health and abundance! Regain your balance and take back your health today! Call 780-962-4646 to book today!

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