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The Mini Cleanse

Our Holistic Nutritionist has developed a monthly promotion for 2016 known as the Mini Cleanse/Nutrient Dense Diet Refresher.

Why Our Holistic Nutritionist Recommends Periodic Natural, Whole Food Cleanses:

People tend to eat the same foods day after day, meaning they are consuming the same nutrients day after day. Not only does this get boring to the body, it can cause our weight to plateau as well as lead to nutrient deficiencies within the body. Eating the same foods day after day is also not only boring to the body, but boring to your senses; you should look forward to meal times and meals should be appealing to your senses.

The Mini Cleanses/Nutrient Dense Diet Refresher series focuses on whole foods with a variety of nutrients; each month is designed to offer loads of nutrients typically missed at these times of the year to help improve overall health and wellbeing as well as to help replenish lacking nutrient stores within our body.

Mini Cleanses are especially important for times when sleep cycles are regularly disrupted, in times of stress, if you have regular feelings of being in a poor mood, and if you feel like you are in a rut with your diet.

Additionally the mini cleanse series will help to gently improve the functioning of the bowels to help rid your body of stored toxins. Mini cleanses are also good for the skin, can help decrease belly bloat, improve energy levels, and help you keep on track to reaching your weight/health goals.

Mini Cleanses/Nutrient Dense Diet Refresher packages are available at the front desk of 360° Wellness for the discounted rate of $75 (over $300 in savings!). Packets include an organized grocery list, all recipes, preparation tips, as well as the full meal plan.

Are ready to start your cleanse? Pick up your cleanse at our front desk today or email for more information!

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