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Why Choose Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy?

If you have ever suffered from chronic aches and pain, allergies, asthma, migraines and other conditions having a past life regression hypnotherapy session can help you see where these conditions come from. Once you see the life where they originated, you are able to let these conditions go.

An eleven year old male had extreme difficulty during pollen season in the spring. His allergy was so bad during this time he felt staying indoors was best for him. He had to use a Ventolin inhaler because he could not breathe if he went outside during this season. When he saw the life that caused this concern, he was outdoors in a large meadow. He was an insect collector. He fell face down in a muddy bog while chasing a butterfly. He lay there and eventually died from not being able to breathe with his face immersed in the mud. When he saw the life where this came from, he was able to let this condition go. This young male no longer suffers though pollen season and no longer needs to use a Ventolin inhaler.

A 48 year old female had chronic pain on the tops of her feet. She did not have an injury in her present life to cause this pain. When she went to the life that caused the concern of the pain in the tops of her feet, saw herself in a life where a wagon had run over the tops of her feet. She didn’t die from the injury but she suffered pain in the tops of her feet for the rest of that life. She brought the pain from that past life into her current life. Once she saw where the pain came from, she was able to let it go. This female no longer has pain on the tops of her feet.

A 58 year old female had an allergy to penicillin. When she saw herself in a past life, she was 49 years old and in a hospital. She was ill. The doctors were giving her medication but nothing was working. Her lungs were sore and she was exhausted. She died from that illness. She recognized it as an allergy to mold. The house she lived in at that life was full of mold. Since penicillin is a mold it made sense that she had an allergy to it in this life. Once she saw where that concern came from, she was able to let it go.

A 42 year old female suffered from headaches. When she saw the past life that caused this concern she saw that in a past life she was a wealthy woman who was out for a ride in a hot air balloon. The balloon fell from the sky. She fell out of the balloon. When she landed she hit her head which caused her death. Once she saw where this concern came from she was able to let it go.

A twelve year old male suffered from cold sores on his upper lip. In the life that caused this concern he was an infant who was born with a tumour on his lip and died at the age of 16. He died from the tumour that spread from his lip to his brain. Once he saw where the cold sores came from, they only appeared in the spot where as an infant in that past life he’d had them, he was able to let that condition go.

Past life regression hypnotherapy will give you answers as to why you have the conditions you currently have. Once you see where they came from, you can let it go. During that session you are able to let go many conditions that you have had for most or all of your life. If you are looking for answers for anything in your life that is not working, this method of healing is for you! Once the conditions have been released through past life regression, they will no longer be a part of your life.

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  1. Arnaud Deshais says
    Dec 22, 2022 at 11:54 AM

    hello i have severe fish allergy and I am curious if a session could help !

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