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Hypnotherapy in Spruce Grove

At 360° Wellness, we believe in offering our patients a well-rounded approach to whole body wellness—even when it comes to your mind. We’re proud to have Jenn Goble, Certified Hypnotherapist, on our staff to help patients of all walks of life address subconscious blocks on their path to healing.

What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a natural modality that helps people pinpoint blocks in their subconscious that may be causing stress, repetitive negative behavior or sickness in their lives among others. Jenn works with each patient to carefully remove the resistance in your life by taking into consideration the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual components of your life for an effective result.

In her time as a hypnotherapist, Jenn has seen people of all ages benefit from her care, including many who find it to be a great supplement to their regular health care. In fact, Jenn herself found success with a hypnotherapist years ago, who helped her change a pattern she’d had in her life for more than 30 years.

Meet Jenn Goble, Hypnotherapist

Jen goblesJenn’s mission is to ensure that every client leaves with a better understanding of who they really are and feel more relaxed than when they came in, having experienced a shift that allows them to make real, positive and lasting improvement in their lives. Her passion is personal development and wellness, spending quality time with family and friends, travelling, and most of all, inspiring others to live a life beyond what they imagined possible. She also hosts meditation classes for all ages, which entire families can enjoy together. Learn how to rest, relax and reset your mind for better self-regulation and reduced stress.

Meditation Classes at 360° Wellness

Jenn hosts meditation classes for all ages—which are often great for entire families to enjoy together. Learn how to rest, relax and reset your mind for better self-regulation and reduced stress. Call our practice to RSVP for a class and find out when they’re held.

If you’re wondering if hypnotherapy or meditation can help you, contact our practice today. We’d love to speak with you about removing the roadblock in your life.


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